Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Holiday Beginnings.

He was a Tiger for Halloween.
Go figure!
But he didn't like the hat...

   This is only the very beginning of the most magical time of year. Where things sparkle, shine and everything seems to be sweet. (By this, I mean there's plenty of chocolate everywhere you turn...) With Halloween being only two days behind us, I'm getting myself ready for the holidays. I'm ready for decorating, music, baking, candles, wrapping, hot chocolate, and my big knit throw. I've printed recipes for dreamy sweet things... things like Double Dark Chocolate and Ginger Biscotti. Sugar Doughnut Muffins. YES, you know this sounds great. But, this year, Christmas will be completely different. It's his very first Christmas! This means Christmas pajamas, lights, and snuggle time near the fire with Brian & Brady. And the pups, of course. It makes my heart melt just thinking about it! I can't wait to share all the magic with him! He may get a few toys (just may.) But I'm most excited to see his eyes when we light up the tree. I can't wait to wake up Christmas morning with him. It's Santa's first visit this year you know. Hopefully he won't go overboard. 

    Another thing I'm giddy about is New York City! There's one place I must see and this is it.
NYC is amazing, exciting, and everything you can imagine. 
I know this only from the three days I've visited.

-Rockefeller Center-

 What I wish most for this Christmas is that we spend time with our family. And as much time as we can! I don't need gifts, I just want time with my family. There is nothing in the entire world more wonderful than falling asleep by the crackling fire. (May not be the safest thing...) 

So far, I haven't bought any gifts. Just golden sparkle wrapping paper.
-Bring on the holidays-

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  1. Adore this post! Merry merry my merry blogger friend!


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