Friday, November 25, 2011

All together.


       His first Thanksgiving was enjoyable in every way. We spent time with loved ones, ate LOTS, and played outside in the sunshine. Brady J was a happy boy. We loved our day together! 

Mom & the Wild Child

Ellie & Josie 

Jack, Brian, Brady J, and Dear Ol' Dad.

It was a very Happy Thanksgiving, with full tummies & lots of laughs.
...and nighttime brought our our wild sides...

Shopping for 10 hours, Awake for 24 hours, 7 Stores, & Santa brought us special drinks, made us laugh, all while we stood in line anxious to claim our prizes...

One of which, I was threatened to be put for sale if I didn't bring home this special item he wanted so much! We had such a good time, I'll catch up on sleep one day, and hope to see a Christmas tree sparkling in the morning. The most wild & crazy time of year is here!

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