Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let Tradition Begin.

          Here we are folks. It's time to acknowlege our blessings, and enjoy every wonderful minute of the holidays. Somehow, this year that's changed my life forever, is coming to such a bittersweet end. This was the year I became a mother. I remember laughing as the three of us walked into the hospital to deliver this baby. Brian, Andrew, and myself with Brady. I've been out-numbered from the beginning! The first night Brady J slept in another room, while I cried, and held his blanket. The first time he said "Mama", and today... he's taken his very first steps! Today it's hit me the very hardest. He's taken his first steps, he's dancing to music, and oh my goodness, the best year of my life is almost over!
        I know there are many more wonderful years with these boys ahead. This brings me to the special word "thankful". Thankful. Grateful. Content. Three words that the past year has made ever so meaningful. All the things I'm so grateful for, I could go on forever. Here are just a few.

I'm thankful for my two men, Brian & Brady J.
I'm thankful to see life in another light, because of my boys. 
I'm thankful for my supportive & loving family.
I'm thankful for the blessings God has given our family throughout the year. 
I'm thankful for the friends that will always be friends, no matter the time or distance between us.
I'm thankful for work. For the rewarding job, relaxed atmosphere, and wonderful owners of Emmanuel's.
I'm thankful for two precious dogs, who never knew they'd be best friends.
I'm thankful to live in a clean, safe neighborhood, full of wonderful people, fun people. 
I'm thankful for a warm home, warm bed, and Tazo Zen Tea.
....and the list goes on and on and on. 

  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We're spending the day with my family for lunch, strolling downtown together, and a little different tradition of dinner at the Poinsett. I can't wait to spend time with everyone together. Thanksgiving this year has a brand new meaning. My new life of being a mother has become such a dream come true. I'm more than thankful. I'm entirely grateful for the life He's blessed us with. Let us enjoy the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade snuggled in bed, our bellies full of delicious food, enjoying every second with the ones we love.... let us be thankful.


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