Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finding myself.

     My sweet boy has had a long week. Which means we've had a HECK of a long week. These new teeth are making their appearance rather slowly. Must be payback. This angel child has had his first fussy week. It had to happen. I've never seen a baby so happy all the time, at some point the fussiness was bound to set in. With fussiness comes curiosity, so Brady has found a new name for himself. George. Toilet paper has been pulled off the roll, switches are on and off, and new unlocked cabinets have been opened. This child has become a hurricane. With everything I think MUST be done, this is such an inconvenience chasing this child up, down, and around the house...

     But as I was giving him his bath, and rocking him to sleep, I've realized just how selfish I've been to complain in any way about this healthy baby boy with all this energy. It can be frustrating, exhausting, and even emotional to follow little footsteps around for 12 hours. Sometimes with no nap at all. It takes everything out of you. But the most frustrating thing, is when it's looked upon as irresponsible when my child is put as my first priority. Being a mother is responsibility. I believe even small experiences and interactions with people will help you learn more about yourself. I don't apologize, and never will, that my sweet boy comes before my work, my schedule, and anyone who dares to challenge that. 
     Learning more and more everyday from unexpected challenges that are thrown my way. Each day can be a learning experience if you're open to the thought. That's how we grow. This week, I'm so thankful for all the women in my life who understand and listen when I need that moment of rest. 
We're starting a new week tomorrow. The week of Thanksgiving. Let us be thankful for every blessing in life. The blessings that help us grow, connect with one another, and learn a little more about ourselves every step of the way. 
   This week, I've practiced patience & I've given LOTS more kisses than usual. 

Brady found our special cabinet. Next thing I know, he was holding a martini glass. Even he knew how much his crazy mom needed a break. ;)

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