Sunday, November 13, 2011

Confessions from Mom.

He was mine all mine for the weekend.

     This weekend was quite different in every way than all the others. Brian left to go on his annual camping trip with friends. I know he looks forward to this. Camping, fires, food, beer, and who knows what they talk about... but this was a weekend I looked forward to, too. 
    Friday night, we had a date night planned for dinner possibly, and a concert. Just the two of us. The concert was canceled... Which means Brian was to leave earlier for his trip, and I had a surprise date with my sweatpants. I wasn't heartbroken. My dad brought Mexican food over, and as soon as I put little Brady to sleep, we ate like piggies. It was so nice to visit with him, and know the rest of the night I had all to myself!! I had a big bed with my name on it. And a tv remote that tonight, was tuning into whatever I wanted. I fell asleep to Alice in Wonderland. 
    Saturday, Brady and I shopped a little for some Christmas decorations, and visited with Aunt B, Anna & Ava. We had our whole day together. Just how I liked it! Saturday night came along, and a couple of very loved friends came by to visit! Heather and I wanted to eat horribly (again) we ordered a large pizza... watched two movies...and I was in heaven. I needed this. (It's been over a year since I've watched a movie. And it's seemed even longer with a night with the girls!)
     Then I heard a cry. Brady never wakes up like this...he was sick. So sick. This is the first time I've ever been up all night with a sick baby. I did anything to keep him from screaming. This meant he fell asleep web browsing on my phone, shredding tissues all over the bed, and flopping like a fish out of water for hours through the night. Exhausted beyond belief. All while teething. But I did it. Alone. And I said a prayer for every mother in the world that handles this with no help at all. 
     Brian made it home safely, and I've been in my pajamas since... I wont say when. Both my dad and father in law brought me breakfast and everything I needed to get Brady well. All I know, is through the weekend, I learned a lot.  I've learned to keep medicine on hand just in case, to thank the Lord everyday for giving me a loving and helpful husband, and that help from family is what keeps our family so strong. This weekend makes me realize just how much moms do. We can do the impossible. This is nothing. Only the beginning! He's 10 months old and and I have no idea what lies ahead... 
I'm thankful for this guy here. He rushed home early from the mountains to be with us.
(Even had an awesome story to tell when he got home...)



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  1. I can't imagine how hard (and sometimes scary!) being a mom is, but you are doing such a good job...and I love reading about the rewards you reap :)


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