Saturday, October 29, 2011

Summer in October.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
-looking back on this dreamy week-
warm & breezy sunrise by the ocean
lounging in the pool with frozen drinks & more drinks.
morning massage by the ocean with my husband.
mexican flea markets, glass factory & whale watching.
holding hands & snorkeling together.
glass bottom boat to Lovers Beach, losing my sandals in the Pacific.
Laughing so hard & rounds of Tequila Boom Boom.
Leaving our marks in Cabo Wabo.
the smell of cigars. 
tasting my first omelet & kiwi.
Allison enjoying sushi!
listening to Brian speak nearly fluent Spanish. (or so I thought.)
Robbie. (spotlight was on him.)
skyping with Brady and singing him to sleep. while i cried.
quesadillas, burritos & enchiladas for breakfast.
laughing & running while we try to catch our flight.
having wonderful friends to share the week with.
realizing how fortunate we really are.
bringing home sand in my suitcase.

Good morning from Cabo.

Breakfast. A feast.

With intentions of seeing fish while snorkeling, we saw something much larger while on the boat...
One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Last morning in Mexico.

Our outing together.

Dinner Sunset.

What an incredible week.

... and then it was time for home sweet home. 
From Summer to Fall.
From 90 degree sunshine to 40 degree rain...
 It's the little guy's first Halloween, first costume & it's a cozy, comfortable kind of season to be home enjoying!
Next trip: NYC Darling! 

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