Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Before things get silly...

"Good order is the foundation of all great things."
-Edmund Burke

     It's true folks. One day, we'll wake up to realize that we've become our parents. It's all okay though, I'm not ashamed! You can call me Barry. I've become so addicted to being orderly, organized and on top of things. The mother in me is taking over. I can't tell the difference at this point between having control or losing it, but I'm thoroughly enjoying my Control Journal. (Is she kidding?)  You read it...thanks to flylady.com, I'm keeping a control journal handy to help me stay on top of things. Think what you must...but this makes each day predictable and manageable. (I've got a wild side too...don't be disappointed.) SO, for the moms out there who don't want to be that mom...please take a look. Or for the brides that need a routine to follow before ---- hits the fan...just saying... lets get things in order to make life a little easier, shall we?
    Above is a picture of the very beginning of our real office. A grown up one, with actual organized files and a printer that works. It's in the process. It's on it's way. And it's another step to get our house under control! But if we didn't have a funky office, what fun is that? 

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