Thursday, September 29, 2011

Autumn, the year's last, lovliest smile.

"No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face." J.D.

               Spring passed in the blink of an eye. Summer lasted what seemed a whole year. Now, the beginning of the most magical season is right in front of us. Seasons, I should say, because November & December bring great things, too. October  is such a special month. I'm not one to want a huge celebration, but I am looking very forward to a night out with some special people in my life. For my birthday, I've asked for a little dressing up, and a few drinks over dinner on a Friday night. Of course on Saturday the 1st, we must keep up tradition, and take our annual trip through the mountains. Brian has taken me every year for my birthday since I was 17, and I love everything about this day. We've visited Pretty Place, Rainbow Falls, antique shops, cafe's and anything that makes this day a little more dreamy. This year will be extra special though. We have a new addition to bring along! I just know Brady J will love the mountains.

        Today, being my day "off" with the little guy (wink,'s harder than you think.) makes the pros and cons to routine seem so bright. Routine is a necessity, it keeps the house neat & tidy and baby happy. Routine can be smothering, too. That's why this weekend seems weeks away. I'm so relieved to spend time away from the norm. To get some fresh air, new conversation, and enjoy some new scenery. Coffee & cake wouldn't hurt my feelings, either.
        Then comes our four year anniversary. Yes, it's been FOUR years. Somehow, we've grown up. We live in our own home, drive our own cars, have two dogs, and oh my goodness, we've had a baby. We're young. We just grew up quickly. I think that happens here in the south. Like there's no other way. I wouldn't take it back for the world. 
       Next, would be vacation. Words can't express my excitement for this. So, I'll just wait to blog about that when it seems more like reality. 
       ...... I'm getting ahead of myself. I just thought that it was time to let out, like everyone else has, my favorite things about this season. This is what makes me happy:  

On my birthday having no plan, just enjoying the company. 
Holding hands while we drive through the mountains.
It's the season to get away with wearing black, on black, on black. 
Candy Corn.
Woodsy Scents.
Candles and more candles.

   Enjoy this weekend with the incredible forecast of 65 degrees as the high in Greenville on Saturday. Be thankful for this fresh, crisp air...and do something special with the people you love. 

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