Tuesday, June 28, 2011

-A Must-

Use it, or lose it.

   This morning was the second morning I was up at 5:30 to be at the gym by 6 a.m. I honestly thought the sun didn't rise before 7. It does, and it's beautiful! The sky is a mixture of pale colors brightening at the first sign of the sun. Being outside this early also smells so fresh and the temperature is just perfect... probably since highschool, I haven't had a reason to be up before the sun was bright in the sky. Ever since I've set my own schedule, no one seems to want their hair styled early in the morning, and that was fine by me. 
   I've joined the gym on a whim because it's time that I take action to keep myself in some kind of shape. Especially if I'm not giving up all my favorite foods. I can't. That's miserable to me, I love food way too much. Chocolate, chips, dip, milkshakes & more chocolate. Mexican food, Italian food, pizza, oh and more chocolate. It's just not in me to let it go. I'd be a sad little lady. 
   Being that this is only day two, I'm not getting ahead of myself, but I really look forward to going to classes and doing this for myself! Anyone would feel better being a little more fit. This morning I walked 2 1/2 miles, definitely didn't push myself like I should have, but I caught up in my book in the meantime. Multitasking at the gym. I've looked at class schedules, thinking they were only available in the evenings and to my surprise, they start at 5 a.m sharp. I am so excited!!! Yoga, Body Sculpt, and (possibly..) Zumba... here I come! Trying to talk mom into joining with me!
    On the way home, of course what do I think about? Food. I stop by the grocery store, at 7 a.m. (which by the way is THE time to shop with only four cars in the parking lot) and picked up our new favorite snack, introduced to us by Angela. Thanks a lot, Angie..
    Today has passed by so quickly, Brady is has been napping for an hour. This baby is growing so fast, it's unbelievable. He was in his walker this morning, flying through the house. It's amazing to me how he can maneuver himself around corners at 6 months. Next thing I know, he's stuck himself in the corner, next to the window and wrapped the curtains around himself. I love this little guy! 
   So, while Brian & Brady sleep soundly in the morning, I'll be wide awake, leaving the house about 5:15, with my car stereo blasting (apology to the neighbors, but this is the only option to keep me awake) and headed for the gym. Can't complain about your body unless you do something about it, huh?

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