Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Place

    Our front porch takes in the warm morning sun. It cools down (a bit) with the afternoon shade, and at night, it's the perfect place for the two of us to catch up while the little one dreams away. I'm here as much as I can be. When we discovered this house for sale, I remember walking onto the porch and thinking this is a big space to fill, as if it might be a chore. I never knew it'd be my favorite place to be given any time of day. Brady loves to look at the plants and watch the cars pass by! Lilly has HER chair, which is the one on the right and Diesel sprawls out across the rug, guarding. Brady will take naps in my arms, and it's been too long since our last "wine night" with the girls here. If I made a list of my favorite things, besides keeping chocolate in the house, I'm sure this would make the top of the list.
    This morning, Brady took his morning bottle and drifted right back to sleep for another hour and a half. I was already out of bed so I thought it was best to keep moving! I've had breakfast with Lilly outside and I've gotten a lot of little chores finished already, which makes for a great start to the day. I haven't had a relaxed morning like this in a while, so I'm doing as much as I can, making the most of it! Hope you all have a relaxed morning and sometime today, get to enjoy time in your favorite place too!

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  1. I want this front porch oh so bad. i love a good porch


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