Sunday, June 12, 2011

     Must say, I am a little in love with Brady J. A lot, actually. He makes everyday so much happier and I truly cannot imagine life without my sunshine. That goes for two boys. It'll hit me a few times throughout the day how I have the life I didn't know I always wanted. I really didn't know what I wanted. Whether that be because I'm a female and my mind will never be made or I truly didn't have a certain direction I was aiming for. How empty my life would be if I had chosen any other path. I am beyond grateful for each wonderful moment the day brings. Seeing Brady smile so big his eyes almost close or seeing him covered in his lunch...I never knew a baby could bring so much joy and change your life completely for the better, in every way. My sweet boys, I just couldn't make it without them. Before marriage, I would dream of living in a big city, having a cozy little place all to myself, filled with my favorite things...all for me. (Of course a gigantic closet filled with beautiful clothes and a bathroom with my clawfoot tub...) But I do know that pretty things can't bring you that perfect life of your dreams... which brings me to the book I just finished. Recommended by a friend from school, it's called Same Kind of Different as Me. It in every way will make you appreciate people if nothing else. Relationships that we each have and take for granted. It explains friendships, family, and how God can work mysteriously through people. It will open your eyes to  the life you have now and open your heart to friendships and love. I learned how life can bring opportunities to change the lives of others. It's truly an amazing book.
      Before Brady was born, my last trimester, I took on a hobby of reading like there was no tomorrow. I was at the library all the time. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of reading...on the front porch of course. Yesterday, I drove to the library after work and picked two new books to read. That kind of thing makes me smile! Every night, as I'm working on getting in bed a little earlier, I'll read while Brian watches the telly. I've recorded quite a few shows I would love to catch up on, but right now, I'm enjoying my books a tad more. Pretty good hobby I'd say...doesn't cost a penny.
      Brian and I went out to dinner by ourselves last night. It was QUIET. It was so nice to be with just him though, I don't know the last time it was just the two of us. Everytime someone offers to keep Brady, we've headed out with friends. It was nice :) Hopefully soon, we can have another date night. Just the two of us. Last night, was wine, steak & a sweet waitress. Between Brian and myself, we didn't have much to say. I think we'll have to practice the date night routine more often because our conversations now are "when will you be home?", "do you mind picking up dinner?" and "Laundry needs to be done, I have nothing to wear." We need something a little more personal, I'd say. Either way, talks about laundry or plans for a resort vacation, I love my husband more and more everyday. I'm so proud that he adores Brady. He says all the time (although I know he doesn't want to rush things...) how he can't wait until Brady can play with him. It won't be long until I'm entirely consumed in baseball, I just know it.

     Wrapping this all up, my last week has been a blur as always, hilarious introducing Brady to real food, and I've learned quite a few things to keep with me through these wonderful books. I've been around smiling brides, and had good long talk with a very missed sister. All in all, this past week is yet another to be thankful for.

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