Sunday, June 26, 2011

This Sunday.

     Usually, Sunday mornings I try to sleep in as long as possible until I hear a little one ready for his breakfast. And even after he eats, he'll go right back to sleep, sometimes even for a couple hours. This morning I was wide awake at 5 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. So, it's been a different kind of Sunday for me! (I tip-toed in to see Brady sleeping, and he was asleep on his tummy! He finally rolled over!)
   This weekend has been yet another insane, running here-to-there and back kind of weekend. I worked yesterday morning (my last Saturday working for a while!) and ran to grab Brian his every Saturday lunch, came home to see the boys for a bit, was REALLY hoping for an afternoon nap with Brady, but before I knew it, it was time to get ready for a wedding! I absolutely can't wait until I have a Saturday at the lake, the beach, the pool, or even sitting at home. That would be fine by me.
     Brian is out playing golf, and I'm pondering the thought of joining the gym. I think I might. I need to. Most women (all women) go through the "I hate my body" phase, and it's no so much that, I just hate not being fit. I've been in great shape before and I know how good it feels! I wish I was there again, and there's only one way to fix that... looks like my venture for the week.
   Looking at my agenda for the next week, I have a couple very busy work days, and my favorite (not so much) is my cleaning day! A whole day to do nothing but laundry, scrub toilets, dust, and mop floors. Now who wouldn't look forward to that? Well, whether I do or not, it's marked on my schedule. In ink.
   I'm counting down to the beach! I hear Ocean Lakes is a madhouse near the 4th of July, and I'm ready to be right in the middle of the chaos. Most the time, I need my unwinding time to be quiet, slow, peaceful, to get rest. And other times, I like to be in the middle of it all, loud, fun and crazy. I'm not the most reserved person, so I'm looking very forward to the change of scenery. And living in a camper for a week!!!
    I guess I better start closing this post up...I certainly wouldn't want to make you jealous of my plans for the week. Scrubbing toilets and hopes to walk on a treadmill. Hopefully you all are enjoying your weekend and looking forward to your agendas for the week, too! I hear a little voice waking up...

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  1. The last time we went to Ocean Lakes on the 4th week, (about 4 years ago) it was SO packed on the actual beach that you were basically laying out w/ everyone!! & There was barely ONE inch of beach. it was wild :) hope y'all have fun on Brady's first beach trip!!


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