Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's done is done.

I have so many things jumbled around in my 
head to say, and sorting it out seems like too much.
Have you ever been so busy with everyday life and doing
that by the time you get a moment of rest, a lightbulb goes off. 
You've become who you 
never thought you might be.
I've just recently started a bible study with a group of women, and this good thing just came in great timing. I can't say why, but the words I'm reading are so humbling and they're fitting like missing puzzle pieces into my life. How many women have gone through life with no definite direction, no definite calling, and painful effects of "trying to be it all" in taking responsibility to roles that we're not created to handle. I am so guilty. This study, in my eyes, may be different from another's, but it's opened my eyes wide to my calling. It's a study on Biblical Femininity. 
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Beyond the study and how it's already completely "WOW'ed" me, I've unintentionally realized how my life has changed and who I've become. The first chapter of the study asked how you see femininity. 
Whether you lean towards feminism or traditionalism and the 
positivity and negativity that can come from both. 
Without a doubt, I lean towards traditionalism. 
After reading further, it's amazing what I've learned about myself. Especially in the areas I'm not expressing my own core capacities like God intended. And just like that, reading what God designed women to be, An Essential Counterpart, put so many misunderstood views of what I should be on a level perspective. The only one perspective that supplies true hope of life throughout humanity. 

So that's that...this book is a treasure.
Learning more about myself through the everyday things as a mom is just plain funny.
Not sure if it came from watching my own mom play that role or if it's just how God designed me, but I truly do love to iron...seriously. I love to cook. I love to clean. I love staying home and being mom. I love this chapter of my life. And as this book calls it, "Season". 
I'm a traditionalist. I'm not sure I could've ever seen that coming. 
Funny though, you wake up and oh my goodness, you enjoy cleaning toilets... what in the world...
Regardless, I've learned, whether living from one end of the spectrum to another, 
God designed all women for one common calling. 
And what a deep comfort it is to know it's not up to ourselves to create our own lives, 
it's already done.

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