Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I asked Brian a few times throughout September 
"How old will I be?" 
First, because math to me is nearly impossible.
Second, because motherhood will leave you wondering what year it even is.
So, yesterday I think I turned 26 and spent the day surrounded by everything that will 
make a birthday happy.
Outside with my babies for most the day, visiting the pumpkin patch, 
and soaking up the beginnings of fall.
My day was made when Marcy learned to say "Uh Oh!"
 in the sweetest way possible. 
She's crawling, pulling up on things and now, and beginning to talk.
This my friends, is exactly the reason we're out of milk, bread and eggs...
because I rather spend time playing than load up two kids and waste a morning spending money.

 Brady J's personality.
Where could I even begin?
He truly believes he's an adult. When I tell him to do something, he shakes his finger at me saying "No ma'am..." going on with an explanation to why he doesn't need to do what I ask. Potty training is 85% complete. That's my math for the day. We're almost there. When I check on him using the potty, 
all he has to say is "Get out." 
So, I leave it up to the know-it-all. 
He's going to do big things in his life, that's all I know.
I couldn't be more proud of this confident, 
stubborn little smarty pants.

My birthday was so special. 
Ellie, Chris, Mom & Dad came to see me and that meant more to me than I can even explain. They each brought me a beautiful gift, a make-you-cry kind of birthday card, and big hugs. 
What more could I ask for? 
I love my family so much.
Of course every time I think about them and what they mean to me...the tears show up. God is just so good to us.

And guess what. Brian helped load up two monkeys so that the four of us could go out for my birthday.
 To eat Mexican food.
If you know my husband at all,
you know what a huge act of love this truly was. 
And I love him too, so SO very much.

And all you folks that wished me a "Happy Birthday!" with your kind words, thank you for making my day so wonderful!

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