Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Glance Forward.

I promised myself during the time change I'd make the most of my hours and choose to sleep longer. Looks like even when I get every opportunity to enjoy my rest, I find something to do, or in this case, think my way out of sleeping. This week, happy thoughts have been on my mind. For no new reason, just because. It's not the season (although this is my favorite), but a season that I can relate this to. 
God is definitely working in my life, I can feel it. 
The Bible study with the group of ladies I'm with is an unbelievable answer to prayer. These gals are amazing and I can already see how we're lifting each other up, and the lasting friendships that will come from our conversations. 

   This past week, I said said a prayer that I meant with my whole heart, but I was asking for something I wasn't even sure of...
God's blessed me tremendously and continues to bless this family daily.
So much, that after I prayed, I knew He heard me. I just felt it.
I'm excited and nervous with no idea what's in store for our family...
I prayed for God to use me. 
Few words, enormous request.
Sounds small, but no...
He listens, and He has big plans for our family, I know it. 

If you've opened your heart to understand that we cannot control life, you've definitely seen that He can work in mighty ways.
My favorite (from what I've learned from Ezer, the nature of a woman through relationships) is God working through friendships.
Friendships can do so much good for us, but unfortunately, I've learned...not everyone is beneficial to our lives. Which is a total bummer because I'd love to see everyone love each other, but some folks...God's teaching me something, that's all I can figure. My eyes have been opened to the beauty of blossoming new friendships, the healing of wounded relationships, and that sometimes cutting complete ties with others is the only option we have left. I truly hate that, honestly who wants that?
We are human, God is in control, and we were not made to understand everyone. 
As much as I'd love to.

I've felt bitter towards others, and prayed for a change of heart.
He will change your heart. 
But He will also open your eyes to things you need to see. 
It's not always the others who need to change folks...I have to remind myself of this daily...
God will work in your life if you let Him, ya know. 
He's surely used others to bring light to my life.

What a small and huge request that was. To ask to be used.
And having no idea what's in store for us...
Getting back to the basics here, that's the purpose we were created. 

He's blessed me with far too much,
 never failing His promises for me to become passive now.
Prayer and trust for what He has planned!

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