Saturday, October 12, 2013

October Weekends.

October weekends are more than wonderful for the reason that we experience that hint of cool air, more outside play time, and we can dream of the days to come, full of love with 
family time, holidays, 
and the all around coziness of this season. 
Brian surprised Brady by a camp out last night...
He held both his pillows tight as he jumped and smiled his way out to the tent.

Yesterday, the kids and I threw out a 
blanket in the yard, and enjoyed this 
perfect late afternoon beauty. 
Brady roasted marshmallows, Brian showed me the right way to roast the perfect marshmallow and together, we sort of soaked up a special fall night together.
These special times together as a family mean so much to me.
We're still in our pajamas, I've started re-organizing the entire kitchen (it's a disaster) and...
I've got sauce on the stove, ready to make a 
baked spaghetti cheesy goodness to devour for lunch.
 It's Brady's favorite.
(and maybe one of mine, too.)

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