Monday, September 30, 2013

Being Home.

Around the house, 
it's the time of year where playing outside is most comfortable, everything's a little more relaxed and it's hard for me to believe Brady J's upon his third year...
While Marcy sleeps her morning away, it's usually our special time together.
Of course, some mornings are wonderful, some become a nightmare... 
and some are just simply sweet.
I'm slowly learning stay-at-home mom life and so far all I have to report is that patience is key
I kind of figured that going into it, but the level of patience required is...well, I'm getting there.

What I've learned about my kids since I've been home is this:
-Brady wants to know what's ahead. I write down our agenda for the day and he's at ease...
he always wants to know what's next.
He's bossy. He taught me how to fish from his fort this morning. 
I never did it the right way, according to Brady.
-Marcy loves being home. 
She loves for us to sing to her. She loves to clap and dance.
...and she needs familiar surroundings constantly.
I took her to the mall the other day. She couldn't see me while I pushed her in her stroller.
But she faced everyone else in Greenville.
Big mistake.
So, to make life a little easier for us all, we've all become home-bodies.
I've always been this way. Brady always says "I love home" and Marcy is upset when we leave.
So, we stay.

Lilly's enjoying the time, too. The poor dog can't see, but chases her ball anyway.
Right now, Brady's sitting behind me in the chair and 
covering me with stickers.
We have nothing spectacular on our agenda for today, other than a grocery trip this afternoon.
And I love it.

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  1. Morgan Haymes Cox, I'm in love with you and those crazy fun, precious two blessings of yours. You could not possibly understand how much JOY you guys bring to my life! Seeing your pictures, reading your post and reminiscing on my own two blessings makes me yern for the time gone by. Time gone but not lost, time that I wish I had been completely present in, time I think back upon with smiles and tears. I'm so proud of you for making the tough decision to leave your passion and live for your destiny, your destiny of making the biggest difference in this world, that of being a "MOM"! Being present in their lives, sharing in their days, modeling true love and acceptance to them in every situation, good or bad. Baby girl, it's hard but trust me, it's so worth it! These years go by so fast and then you'll be me sitting here looking back and knowing you've done the very best j-o-b you could possibly do. Enjoy the craziness, let go of the frustrations, pray more and know that you guys have been a source of brightness and much happiness to me just by being YOU!

    Much Love, Pam


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