Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dwelling on the Good.

If you take a minute to count your blessings, 
really it stays on your mind longer than you might think. One blessing leads to two, two to three, and before you know it, you realize your life itself is one huge gift that God planned just for you. From the family we're given to the people we meet. The more I think about it, the more grateful I become, and I begin to see everything in a more positive light. Because every experience teaches a lesson, and that lesson we keep to share with others. 
That leads me to one of the not so common blessings that we tend to overlook.
The one we see so often that we forget what good it gives. 
That's our job.
Some of us see it 5 days a week, some more or less. Some see too many hours and some wish they saw more. Our jobs keep food on the table, safety, shelter and comfort for our families. 
Unfortunately, a job isn't always guaranteed with the crazy world of today. 
Especially mine, based solely on my creativity, technique and relationships I build with each client. 
This gives me even more reason to feel grateful and take this "job" as so much more than work. It's something I enjoy more than words can explain. It's something I look forward to daily and give my 110%. It's a job where I forget to eat lunch because conversations mean too much and I leave each workday taking something special with me that a client has shared. It's more than a job, it's purely a blessing. See, having two babies put this work thing to the ultimate test. So many people told me that I enjoy life at home too much to return to work. But this isn't work to me! This job I have is what I enjoy, it's who I am, and it's my getaway. It's my outlet. And every one of my amazing clients make it as wonderful as it is. It's way way more than a just a job.
The more conversations I have standing behind the chair, it becomes more clear that God has this plan for me that's more special and unique than I could ever imagine. He's put every person in my chair for a purpose. Today, a very precious client and I cried together ~ she shared her story, and I shared mine. Of course it was a good laugh later, but in the end, we promised to pray for each other. She might have no idea what she did for me this afternoon, I can only hope I am a light to her like she was for me! This job was in His plan just like this amazing family of mine. I have so many people in my life to appreciate- and once I take a second to dwell on the blessings of everyday life, of my job, my work... it becomes so much more than work. 
It's these amazing women with beautiful hearts that help provide for my family.
So much more than just a job.

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  1. Your clients are so lucky to have you! Wish I was close by so I could be one! ;) LOVE the new blog look! So pretty!


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