Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting Back in the Swing.

First of all, my darling is growing so quickly. She'll be two months very soon and visions of the babies playing outside this spring is all that's on my mind. Brady is growing like crazy himself, saying big words and acting like a big boy. He has his moments. 
Yesterday was our first visit to church being a family of four. The routine was just what I remember from being a little girl. A wild Sunday morning around the house (mom couldn't find anything to wear, much like I couldn't either) and we barely made it to church on time. Brady went into his classroom, while Brian, Marcy and I sat together to watch the service. Afterwards the four of us went out for a big Sunday lunch... the whole day felt funny because I was reliving my childhood...
It feels so good to be back.
I feel like I'm running behind on blogging! So so much has been happening around here.
My first week returning to work was incredible. The vacation I yearned for! I missed my clients and our talks and my breaks

Projects are close to completed around our house. The big ones atleast! 
We've spent more time lately in our backyard- being so thankful for this good weather for Brady to play his little heart out. The boy is bruised from head to toe from climbing and jumping and falling. And his heart is happy.

Our living room, I'm sort of stuck in... I've called for help from a sweet friend for some advice on colors. She responded so quickly, and I've got to get back to her.. (Jolyane, I appreciate you so much!) I think my next big move is the buying a sewing machine. I need curtain panels, bed skirts and oh my gosh I know I can do it! My biggest fear is getting carried away...
Brian added this beautiful moulding to our IKEA shelves! Easy Update!

My sister in law told me about these very inexpensive chevron pillow covers. 
I called today to see when the next shipment will be in...
Hobby Lobby, I love you.

Leftover burlap had to go somewhere. Hot Glue and I have become very close.

I fell in love with these foldable baskets.
From Walmart!

So we've been brightening everything in our house. It's looking neat and clean and ready for spring!
It's just occured to me this week is Valentines Day. Thursday actually. I think all of these crazy ideas I've had that he's put to work should count as my Valentines gift... maybe some chocolate too, but I dont want to ask too much... 
I love my Valentine, and he not only says it, but shows he loves me every single day. I'm so thankful for him and all his hard work for his family.
I'll be back to blogging more often, when I can pace myself between daily life, projects, and keeping up with these sweet babies. 
I want to leave you with this FUN little something I ran across too...

^Just Click It! ^
If you love to thrift shop, here you go. Map out your shopping plan ;) 

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