Wednesday, February 13, 2013


She's the most beautiful spirit I've ever known.
She touches every heart she meets.
She glows inside and out and makes you feel that way, too. 
She's a family comedian.
She's a light of happiness.
Sunflowers are her favorite.
She is my sister.
Touching lives is her mission and
seeking God is what she's set out to do on these five weeks away from home.
This has been her lifelong dream, to serve others. 
She's an inspiration to me and as I can imagine, everyone she meets.
If you know her, you've seen her beauty in the million ways she shows.
This is my wonderful sister.
 Please keep her in your prayers as she explores her way through the souls of others, as she walks closer to God on the path He's chosen for her. 
She's embraced life for the magnificent thing it is.
In our prayers together as little girls, she never forgot to pray for every missionary of the world. 
This is my beautiful sister and she's become just the person she's always prayed for. 
And I miss her so very very much.

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  1. That is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have ever thank you for your creativeness. I am so thankful for both of you, so so blessed that you are so close. Words will never express the love I have for my girls.
    And thank you will never be enough to express my gratitude for the two beautiful blessings I have been honored to raise and now befriend.
    All my love to two of the best girls in the whole world!!


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