Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Savannah, Disney World, and Slowing Down.

A quick shot while we were in Savannah of a pretty place.
I have no idea what this building is, the old brick & green shutters just made me smile.
Savannah is beautiful, and Lady & Sons sure treated us right for dinner.

We stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort in Disney World.
It was truly magical, all the details that make up every corner of Disney World.

His daddy couldn't help but buy him the balloon he screamed for!
Happy little fella.

Moments like this are what made our trip special to me.
To see his little face light up with wonder.

I sort of felt like a princess near the castle.
Like being a little girl again!

This is basically what meeting every character was like for Brady.
Mickey was great from a distance. Personal space was invaded, and buddy couldn't quite handle it. 
He made it clear. 

This was the "Tree of Life" in Animal Kingdom.

It was by far my favorite park.

The special moments, the smiles, the laughs and even during the temper tantrums...
the three of us were together. And not a thing in the world (not a crazy crowd, or even the chaos) could keep me from being content around these two.

I love my family. 
I love how we need each other.

Now, for the part that we slowed down...
I'm very thankful for my mother and sister-in-law who planned this entire Disney Trip.
I'm definitely a planner, though I do not plan trips. 
I know nothing about Disney World, meal plans, monorails, fast passes or anything of the sort...
(I do know margaritas on the beach and room service...)
So, this was entirely new to Brian and myself. It was definitely the most fast-paced trip of our lifetime, but it was a wonderful experience to have with Brady.
Thank you to my in-laws for a special trip with the entire family that we'll always remember!

Now for the three of us...we're settling back into our family routine. It may be our personalities, or the fact that we're about to settle down with two little ones, but it's safe to say we live a slower pace. 
I'm now in my third trimester, and counting down these quickly passing weeks is something I can barely keep up with. Reminding myself that we'll be holding a precious little girl is something I still can't quite wrap my mind around. 

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