Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nighttime Update on My Crazy Pregnant Self.

   You know how they say "nesting mode" happens near the end of your pregnancy, where you clean out a closet or two and tidy your home to welcome baby. Well, yes, it's a real thing and it happened before Brady arrived. I remember washing his tiny clothes and collecting diapers and creams and all those funny baby necessities you just might need.

   This time around, something wild is happening to me (quite opposite of what I thought more female hormones could do) I'm falling into this weird "survivor" mode. When any unnecessary money spent, and I mean any...puts my mind in a complete frenzy. Things all the sudden appear as clutter, when yesterday it was something we needed
     I have morphed into another creature within two years. Every meal has a plan, every day has a checklist, and every hour has a routine. It's sick. But that's how I function. I used to be the girl who never had plans for dinner. Where the grocery store was a place to pick things up before a cookout, and home was a place you slept in between work and play. Who was that girl?

 My hormones are up and down, I worry that I think too much. Yes, that's truly happening.
I can see my sister roll her eyes now.

  It's a crazy thing these hormones, how they can make you angry, make you worry, and best of all, make you feel absolutely positively insane. It's 11:16 pm on Tuesday night. I should totally be in bed. I ate a wonderful Italian dinner that will most certainly keep me awake if I try to sleep now. (Heartburn is fun, too.) So, besides reading the hippie book I've checked out from the library, I figured blogging was the next best thing. Brian's still outside by the fire, Brady's sleeping tight in his big bed, and I'm here in the office feeling like crazy woman. I couldn't sleep if I wanted to, I'm counting down the weeks (days, really) until she's here, and I just made a mental note to take a Benadryl tomorrow night to knock me out by 8 pm. 

    I sure hope this doesn't scare any of you away from having children. Just prepare yourselves to become someone you never knew. And add a little crazy to it...



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