Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Bum Life & Kitchen Miracles.

Life lately has been grand. 
A slower pace.
   We're enjoying life by the little moments that really count. We spent a free day as a play date with a girlfriend of mine and her little guys. We've spent more time outside playing in this glorious fall weather that passes through South Carolina too quickly, and then... we got sick. Thankfully, little Brady J didn't catch this cold, but Brian and I surely did. Thankfully, in-laws to the rescue, Brady spent two days away with them so my husband and I could get some rest.
        This took us back to the -before kids- scene. We're both feeling rough, so what do we do? I sit down and pin Christmas ideas all day and Brian continues his workday, not resting enough to get well. He just reminded me "If we didn't have kids, we'd still be the same as we used to be. You'd be a bum, and I'd be out playing golf all day." A BUM, he says. Well, thank goodness child #2 is on the way, right??? Men.

     Yesterday was, besides feeling miserably sick and huge (I've hit 30 weeks, hallelujah!) simply wonderful. We hardly had any food to eat in the house, so I did a quick scan through the cabinets and in the fridge... We had just enough ingredients to make the best cookies ever. We also had exactly one cup of milk left. A half to drink, and a half to add to chocolate oatmeal cookies recipe.
Hello, miracle! 

This was my entire day yesterday.
I can't remember the last time I was in bed sick. 
Or a day without a to-do list.
Or even forgetting the day of the week for that matter.

  I'm feeling better, trying to gather my energy, and Brian is sitting. Literally sitting still. If you know him, you must know this is yet another miracle to happen in this household. He just checked the front porch for a delivery. He's wandering around the house with no clue what to DO. He's sick and can't be still. I'd recommend Pinterest, but I doubt it'd do the trick for him like it does for me... 

 Thank goodness for children. We miss the little man, and we'll be seeing him in just a little while. We've embraced the sometimes chaotic lifestyle with a toddler and can no longer function any other way. We stay busy, we're always getting things done, and in two short sick days, I've quickly resorted back to my "bum" stage, says Brian.

    I'm off to make a plan for tomorrow! 

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