Friday, August 31, 2012

Let Go & Learn.

Brady Jameson has taught us plenty this week.
One short week has indeed been a wild one, with lessons attached.

Funniest experience this week happened this morning.
It's time for the potty watch. He screams "UH OH!!" when it happens.
And it's not like I know a thing about potty training or how to start. 
Just tried sitting him on the potty for the first time. 
So, that's that, and wish me luck for the future.

Miss Marcy has only four months until her arrival. Bless her soul, she'll be making an entrance at just the right time with Brady experiencing potty training, "the terrible two's" everyone talks about, and every other hilarious adventure she'll be witnessing.

Within one short week, I feel like life happened 
and that might be one of the first times I've let it. 
See, I'm a planner. I'm an organizer. And I'm pretty darn predictable. 
 So, to let this week slide by without tackling every to-do on my list has not only been SO frustrating, 
it's been a lesson I didn't mean to teach myself. 
How about that. 
But it felt so good to let go.

I've contained my frustration, held my tongue, and showed a loving act out of anger this week.
It was the most difficult, freeing experience ever. 
And it's something I want to work on...
I'm learning to let go of everything that's already out of my control. 
It's going to be a hard habit to break. 

But patience, persistence, love, forgiveness & kindness are a few things that gleam from a loving wife and mother, right? 
I want to be all those things for Brian, Brady & Marcy.
Or try my best, at the very least.

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