Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My better half.

My 17th Birthday 



I sure hope he doesn't kill me for posting this.
Ever since we met, (I think I was just learning to drive!) Brian Cox has brightened each one of my days. It was more than the "dating years", actually it was more like falling into the "I can't live without you" years. Of course we couldn't admit that to each other, but it was obvious.
And of course, we broke things off a hundred times, tried dating other people, which ended up one big fat joke.
I called Brian to save me from the worst date of my life.
He was there as soon as I called.
He answered my call when he was on a date, too.
He's my hero, really. 
Always was, and always will be.

He tells me I'm beautiful every single day.
Has always put me first.
He's always made sure our needs are met before his own.
That Brady and I have the best we can have.
He will always take care of us.

I've tried avoiding sappy things lately, only because tears are a second away.
I just thought you folks should know 
just how proud I am to be his wife.
I've learned so much from him, and I hope our children learn so much from him too.

I've never met a man like Brian.
I know I never will, either.
My better half.

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