Saturday, September 1, 2012

September First.

September First brings a new light to this 
long, hot, HUMID season.
Although the weather will remain warm for a bit, 
the upcoming season offers a breeze of cool air to us all!

The Bright, Warm Colors

Family Time &
The Cold, Fresh Air in the Mountains 



And because we only have about three short months to celebrate this amazing season...celebrate we must!

Maybe, with food. 
(Of Course.)

This is my favorite birthday treat every year.
It's even more fun to snack on this while driving through the mountains!

Hot Apple Cider 
(Which I just discovered is sold in k-cups. Pinch Me.)

...and Chili. Oh, chili. 

If there's anyone out there who is not comforted by food, excited for food, and thoroughly enjoys food, do try a little harder, because I promise it's a wonderful thing! Especially during the cooler seasons! 

Then, there's always football.

I've come to realize my brain is not made up to understand this game.
But I look so forward to it because it's a big part of this beautiful season, and I cannot wait to see the little guys excitement in Clemson this year!!!
 I love the entire tailgating experience, I love the company, and guess what... I love the fun food that we graze around all day snacking on, too!  

So let's celebrate the beginning of this comfortable season by lounging around, soaking up our weekends, and enjoying the company that we keep!

-Happy Fall!-

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