Sunday, August 26, 2012

No Matter How You Say It.

No Matter How You Say It...

He's 19 Months.
He's a Year and a Half.
He's just a toddler.

He's not a baby anymore.
But, let's not shed any tears (yet
because the best is yet to come, right?!

A family of four, with a precious little girl is something we've never experienced.
The best is yet to come!

As these last few months pass so quickly, I'm trying to hold on to every beautiful moment our family of three shares together. Our quiet time swinging on the front porch. Playing ball in the backyard. Still rocking Brady to sleep, although he's fighting it. 
A beautiful "big boy" bed is waiting to be set up, all for him.
And deep down, I'm fighting as hard as I can to keep calm and hold the tears, because my little darlin' is growing up. I'm treasuring every kiss I'm lucky enough to get.
And in 4 short months, 
our lives will change all over again.  
Ready or not...

So no matter how we say it, and even though we'd rather not admit it,
WE are growing older, our babies will no longer be babies, and what choice do we have but to 
hold on to every precious moment God gives us?

I, as a proud mama, have to share his new little thing.
He grabs my hands and kisses them. He kisses my fingers and my wrists.
And I absolutely melt, every time.

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