Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Chapter of Mom.

The blog. It's not forgotten. 
I've majorly underestimated the time I'd have free after two little ones on the go.
The "free" time I do have, it's devoted to being the housekeeper, cook, and finally when we see each other, the best wife I can be. Life with two is as wonderful as you make it to be. You can choose to see it as exhausting days (which they are) or you can choose to see each day as another blessed one to spend adoring your babies. That's also difficult on days where the only option you have is making the choice to stay afloat. I'm not sugar-coating life here, this is rough stuff. I knew this decision wasn't going to make life easier, but it would make mine right
Right for me. 
I'm a 25 year old stay-at-home mom of two little ones.
All you stay at home moms...with dreams of overachieving at this job, there's a child just wanting you to sing to her. To hold her. "Let's build a tower, mama." (I hear that one a lot.) 
I think this job is entirely different than I see with my eyes.
It's the most important kind of job. 
Last night, I read in my devotional,
"This is My desire for you: that you stay near to 
Me as you walk along your life-path."

This weekend, the boys headed out to camp together. 
They haven't made it home just yet, but my guess is that Brady ate entirely too many s'mores, I can only hope he brushed his teeth, and I hope Brian isn't ready to pull his hair out. 

I spent this magnificent weekend with the girls. 
Friday night, one of my dearest friends came by just to talk. We enjoyed plenty of popcorn and wine on the porch...the perfect beginning to a gorgeous weekend, don't you think?! The whole day Saturday I spent with mom. I never ever get to do this. We talked and talked and talked and I've missed her. We shopped all day, enjoyed Italian food, shopped some more. It was just good. And today, it's just me and my beautiful girl, soaking up what we can of a clean and quiet house. Resting while we can, watching movies and waiting to hug those boys again.
I've already learned that weekends really are for rest. I'm now doing the hardest work I know.
On top of being "mom", my mind is always wandering...

Here's what my mind is up to.
I've saved up a little money and bought a deep freezer. I've made 14 freezer meals so far and I'm smiling. Dinner is done. My crockpot is in for the wear and tear.
I've made two loaves of bread.
 And eaten them myself within a 5 day period. 
That stopped quickly when I couldn't fit into anything I own...

That was after I made this. Ladies, this is THE EASIEST thing to make. The center of the cake was swirled orange and purple, too... Just use the colors you want! I've had a few people ask me again for the recipe and here it is...

One day I might open my eyes and say to myself "Morgan, you really need to stop loving food so much." but that's never going to happen, I can promise. Just to assure you, Marcy and I watched Julie & Julia this morning. I love food. My next venture is finding more recipes that are not so easy...Ones that I can feel a little more accomplished... that lean toward the healthy side. Is that possible? 
Delicious recipes are welcomed!! Please Share!

Away from the food...
I'm also starting a bible study and possibly a small group which I'm really interested in. These days are so consumed with the care of little ones, it's time I take care of myself. 
In a way that benefits myself in a positive way! I've got another very dear friend who has moved back to SC and sort of in perfect timing. I cant really explain, but I know how life gives you chapters, seasons, whatever you want to call it, and I'm moving on to my next one. 
And I'm just happy she's here to share it with me. 
She's someone I admire and truly look up to.
I thoroughly believe in letting the wrong things go and moving on with the right.
I've got some work to do, but it's time.
So, I'm excited to say, 
the page is turned and I'm beginning another chapter.

I really believe having a passion for everything you're doing is key to a happy life. 
Passion for those around you, everything you do, and everywhere you are.
I love being hairstylist.
I love being mom.
I love to cook.
...and who knows what's next...
In nine years, I met my handsome, we both started business life, had two babies, and now I'm doing something my whole heart believes in. 
It's just exciting, I'm not sure of a better word.

Hope you all have enjoyed this wonderful chilly weekend and 
you've all done something you love.

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