Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm back from my break!

I haven't let go of the blog love ladies (and maybe gents). It's just been one heck of a summer.
A great summer.
Just, you know, sometimes we need a break.

So here we are, mid July, stepping through rain puddles 
and watching our hair frizz in the humidity.
I feel like I've taken the summer "off" really. Not much happening around the house. Really, I don't have too much to report beyond two beautiful babies and an always exhausted mother who longs to be "me" again. Nothing against you men at all (because I know deep down we just couldn't do it without you) and this is not a complaint, but women go through a lot. Maybe men do too, but I can't speak for you guys. I have nothing to say beyond that regarding the subject, unless you know me personally 
and would love to join in on the pity party.
 I'll hush. 
Giving birth to two kids in two's had its moments.

I'm almost done reading an amazing new book, too.
 I've joined a book club. 
Should have seen the look on my husbands face when I told him that
Yep, darling, you married a book lovin' nerd.
What's been pretty great though is hopping in bed 
around 8 o'clock with a book to read. 
That's been fantastic. 

I've basically got a month to go until I'm a full time stay at home mom.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could say it.
People, I would wear 5" heels to stand in for 
9 or 10 hours straight every day at work.
I hardly wear shoes at all anymore.
Like night and day. 
From heels to bare feet, through being one size to another, from makeup to a bare face, and skinny jeans to sweatpants 
(I hate to claim that one)...
the gal two years ago has become someone totally new.
 I've fallen in love with two angels.
 Two years ago, I had no idea how my world would be turned around. 
How quickly I would change, how my values would change...
that's just being a mom. 
Simple as that.

When you know who you are, and what you want, taking total care of two children 24/7 can be tough. I would never say they're holding me back... they're just along for the ride! They're my sidekicks.
Life as a mom is one heck of a ride. 

When you want to give the whole world to your children, at times it can feel like you've got the world on your shoulders.
 Again, that's being a mom.

I could go on for hours with the ups and downs. 
If we're all honest here, there's plenty of both.
It's just mastering enjoyment of the ups and the lessons from the downs. 

And planning an night out for goodness sake.

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