Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Change is good and bread is not.

In the past week, things have been a little easier on me. I think God just gave me the patience I need or something, I can't put my finger on it...maybe I'm just adjusting to the change in scenery. 

I still know this is my calling, regardless of the difficult days. I did question it there for a second, if you want to know the truth. Change is good but change takes time. This applies to quite a few things our family is going through. Changes with income, though only slightly different, while we're grateful for opportunities that were made available. Change in our daily routine, because of the much longer hours Brian is working to support my new path. Change in the children's routine. We left the grocery store earlier today with half the customers knowing Brady tinkled in his pants. Because he told them so. Potty training is going pretty well. Marcy is on the move, crawling, not so much normally, but she gets around. Backward, sideways, she'll move. Brady doesn't nap like he used to.
That's scary altogether.
And becoming a stay-at-home mom, within the first week of becoming a nice little homemaker,
my yoga pants grew too small.
Homemade bread is truly a sin. 
Don't bother with it, it's just too good.
So now, alone, because truly I think my husband believes I'm crazy, I've lost ten pounds and I've got about the same to go. I haven't really had carbs going on my third week now, but I haven't even bothered exercising either. So now it's time to get back to that. 

It's now fall, which is exciting in itself, but fall makes me dream of food (like any other season, honestly) and well, I have to be a little more careful these days. Thankful for Pinterest and clean eating blogs, and all the good things the internet can be used for. 

They love each other, they really do.
Marcy's starting to mimic Brady's moves, which is another wild thought.
The look on his face explains a lot.
She's said "Da-Da", she cries what sounds like "Mama" and she loves to clap at everything.
She's just happy.
And he is too, and wanting to do everything...I mean everything, himself.
That came from his mama.

Marcy Lane 
is my angel, and I had no idea how I'd adore her.
A totally different love than for a son.
What it's like to know to the love for your son and your daughter.
To understand two different worlds of love. 
I've followed my calling.
Confidently, then no so much...
If I've learned one very important thing in my life...
 When your heart tugs you in one direction and deep down you know it would be so wrong to defy it, that's where you need to be. 
And so I'm here.
And blessings are here and more on the way.

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