Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Full Heart.

So here was another blessed weekend. An entire beautiful free day to spend with Brady.
   Just the two of us alone, we spent our morning out and about together, and all I can think was "it's almost over." Not that I haven't made the most of my days with Brady, but a mild case of -my life is about about to change entirely. Again.- set in and well, I'm excited. I answered a call from my sister yesterday, and to hear her so happy truly made my day. She is such an encouragement, and her words really touched me! So many huge things are about to happen to us both... she's preparing to leave for Panama on missions in January, then traveling north to Costa Rica afterwards. She has beautiful adventures in store for herself, and she deserves them all. Being the wonderful sister she is, she patiently listened to my stories and encouraged me to look forward to the upcoming year with such a positive spirit.
    Thank you Elliot for making my day so positive...and simply reminding myself of
who I am. 

   Everything is bound to change in time, but having family (even as different as we all may be) to bring you back to the right state of mind is something I'll continue to be thankful for for a long time to come. She reminded me of things I've forgotten over the past few years, that I'm capable of more than I believe. What perfect reminders to wind down my weekend. 

 I promised you my next blog post would be full of recipes. (Sorry about that...I've sort of fallen out of the baking mood as quickly as I fell into it! I'll post them soon enough.) This seemed a little more important to talk about. It's been a special weekend having Brady all to myself. Brian was away for a couple days and Brady's growing and learning and he just fills my heart with joy. I may go overboard with the mom talk, (I will not apologize though!) having Brady in my life makes my world so bright. And all this love is about to double! You think my heart can handle it?? 

  This month is the month to be thankful. To count our thousand (or more than) blessings, and hopefully carry that into the rest of the year, and years to come. Brady's standing behind me in the chair as I type with his hands over my mouth hugging me tight. 
I have so so much to be thankful for. 

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