Monday, November 26, 2012

A little prayer for Marcy Lane.

The holidays are quickly here, and quickly passing. Thanksgiving was beautiful, memorable and the very last one we spend without Marcy. She's all I can think about lately. Yesterday, the three of us stayed in our pajamas all day. We napped. We lounged around every hour of yesterday. 
It was incredible.
   We're 34 weeks along, fluids are great, blood pressure is great, my weight is great, and Marcy's measurements are great, except her abdomen is measuring smaller than expected. Overall, she's measuring 2 weeks behind, where her little belly is measuring 3 weeks behind. We were sure she'd be a small baby. Brady was 5lbs 13oz when we came home from his delivery. This really isn't much of a surprise, although knowing her little body isn't getting the nutrients she needs absolutely gets to me like crazy. And the most difficult thing, is knowing I (as her mother) cannot do a thing about it. So, the very best thing to do now is rest lots and eat well. That's every females dream, am I right? We'll be seeing a specialist this Thursday to learn more about her growth and what comes next. 
    I have the most supportive clientele that keep reminding me that "This baby comes before any hair appointment. Remember that." Thank goodness. Because the last week I'm working in December, I've of course overbooked myself and for that I'll be saying my apologies... I need to be taking care of that immediately... 
    I'm winding down completely in December, preparing this family for our little beauty to bring home, the freezing cold weather that is likely to hit, and all the hibernating that will take place in the Cox household! You know what that means?! Freeze ahead meals, lots of firewood, a super clean home (One couldn't hibernate in an unorganized, dirty house, because that wouldn't even be comfortable.) Lots of fresh blankets, movies, and oh... a sled. (A peek inside my nesting mind.) Who wants to bet we'll get a good snow this winter?! I wouldn't miss the little guys first time in the snow for anything. The least we could do is prepare for him to have a ball if it does snow!
    So, I know this little something is common with babies (By the way my google search know you'd look, too) so I'll be anxious to hear Thursday just what the next step is in her little journey to meet her family! And I'll be saying my prayers that He keeps His angels around our family just like He always has. We've been so so blessed.



  1. thinking of you these next few weeks till it's time to bring that sweet baby home!


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