Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Beauty That Lies Ahead.

Marcy's got one heck of a personality to play with once she gets here.
They'll be perfect together.

I'm definitely not one of the gals to turn on the Christmas music the day after Halloween. More or less trying to prepare for the season ahead! Marcy's room is full of bags and wreaths and gifts...
Only about a week until the season is here...
I've pulled out my Christmas cd's, Brady's Christmas dvd's (which may be more for me...), I'm working on recipes and gift wrap and all the things that bring a little sparkle to the month ahead.
I've gathered twine, doilies, scrap fabric, (of course the miraculous hot glue gun) and random things around the house to throw together pretty little gifts! 

Beautiful (and very inexpensive!) Ornaments 
I found at P.B.Outlet!

I took a shot at making little twine trees-
Together, probably cost $10 at most.

My dollar store wreaths and clearance berries...
(I'm telling you, I'm on a kick.)

Borrowed Wreaths (Thank you to my Mother-in-Law!)
that I added burlap and berries. And seriously you-tubed how to make a bow...
that makes me laugh. 

Hello Christmas Savings!

Marcy is due to arrive in 7 weeks.
How my tummy can grow any larger in 7 weeks is beyond me, but it's happened once before! 
I'm slowly running out of energy, Marcy is bumping into every corner and Brian and I have turned into bears. Since this time change, we hibernate. In bed by 9pm, at the latest.

We've totally cleaned out all of Brady's toys throughout the house. 
He now has a basket of books in his bedroom, and a basket of toys in the living room. That's all, folks.
And guess what! He's happy. Because he doesn't know any different.
And our house is happy, too. Happily Uncluttered.
 That means Christmas will be easy this year, too. We really don't "need" all the things we think we do. And it really bothers me to see kids with infinite amounts of unused toys.
We're doing what (I pray!) is best for him down the road. Even with the small things. Who needs more than they use, right? Anyway, that little motto will surely be a little more difficult when a little lady comes into our lives. I refuse to go overboard with buying things she doesn't need. She already has plenty of oxfords and super cool pullovers in her closet from her big brother she'll wear just fine! And baby toys for Marcy? Brady had a few things he was happy to hand down.
I can't wait to see the two of them together.

This parenting experience sure is more than they'll tell you. It takes a lot of soul-searching, "Who Am I?" and what values mean most to you to pass down to your children. He's not even 2 years old, and she's yet to be born. I came home last Saturday to Brady saying "Please" and "Thank You" like it was a treasure he was proud to show off. I owe a big thank you to Brian for that one. "Yes Ma'am and Yes Sir" we're working on, too. But even at this age, they'll test limits unbelievably, and they have to learn respect.
This doesn't mean it's easy. For example...Brady threw a trash can at me earlier when I told him to settle down. (That's when that magical word "Patience" comes to play...)
Oh my gosh, how hard it can be.
Off to his room he went. Guess who's been napping for an hour!  
Regardless, every 5 minutes in this house is a test. For myself and for Brady. And if Brady isn't taught in the way we feel is best, how is Marcy going to learn by example? We want the best for our children, so we have to provide the right example. And I would be more than proud for Brady to grow up to be like his daddy, or Marcy to marry someone like him.
But I'm getting a little far ahead of myself...

For now, we await a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday, the Christmas season, and a little darling to be born in the beginning of January.
And lots of wrapping, baking, and laughing to enjoy in between.

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  1. love this post. :) hadley saw the picture of brady and said cuttteeee. hope you get lots of rest these last seven weeks. :)


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