Friday, November 16, 2012

...While I Inhale the Chocolate.

Basically this is quick "mom-needs-to-vent" post. Oh My Heavens, the day we've had.
God only gives us what we can handle, correct?
He apparently thinks I'm capable of surviving anything.

I have so much chocolate in front of me. Leftover Halloween candy has made it's way to mama, because that's more safe than a drink at this point. 
All I could think on the quiet ride straight home (As you can see, he had no trouble getting over his meltdown.) was that toddlers shouldn't even be allowed in public. Especially restaurants. 
They should be considered with the energy and unpredictable nature of a wild animal

 I vow never to take Brady to another restaurant (unless they have a play area to wreck) where every person around cannot enjoy their meal they are about to pay for. 
 Anyway, right now, he's asleep in his room, but fell asleep with his face on a "Play-A-Sound" book...

My husband quickly reminded me that I should simply be thankful for a healthy little boy.
I promise I am.
I've just forgotten how to breathe today. 


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