Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday in the Garden.

     On a beautiful Saturday, being with a boy who loves to play outside, there was no better time than to take advantage of spring in the south. The sun was shining, we brought lunch, found a picnic table, and a sweet little garden hidden in Linky Stone Park in downtown Greenville. This is the Children's Garden full of color and stories, and and the opportunity for kids to enjoy their experience outdoors! Brady was here, there and everywhere around the garden. Mom and I enjoyed our morning too, but hardly found time away from chasing this curious child! This was our fun on this sunny Saturday morning. Soon enough, we'll be packing for another adventure guaranteed to be outside where his heart is happy! We are so thankful for the warm sunshine and beautiful atmosphere Greenville has created! Since Spring began this week, everything seems to be a little brighter. We're growing closer and closer to having a comfortable backyard for Brady J to go crazy in, because Brian is hard at work! I have a feeling summer will be here much sooner than we think...

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