Sunday, April 1, 2012

He knew, Exactly.

Yesterday, like most Saturdays, we woke up to a day made for nothing but play. Lately, we've had to be a little more creative in our outings, because staying at home means MUD, and lots of it. After making a stop at Lowe's to buy another plant for the porch, (Words will never express my love for a front porch) mom and I decided our next stop was the park. We had no idea we would find baseball and Dippin' Dots. It made me much happier than the two of them, I'm sure, but that ice cream was gone in a flash. We saw moms and dads with their boys, running around in their little baseball jerseys...
This made me smile because I know this will most likely be our lives in a few short years...
OH, how much I have to learn...
This weekend, I've experienced Brady sitting down in a mud puddle wearing clothes fresh out of the dryer, mud caked on the bottoms of his shoes, and watched him nearly jump off a retaining wall.
He has no fear. I'd love to say I didn't either, but... I'm a girl, and he's a boy. I'm the mom and he's the baby. I'm really learning about this little boy and his beautiful curiosity. I have to say beautiful, because that's what every baby is to his mother. He's my sunshine, and he's given us more life than we could've ever made for ourselves. Beautiful is watching him learn, seeing his smile, and being on the receiving end of that bear hug. Watching him "catch my kiss", and still rocking him to sleep before bed. 
Because I know this won't last forever,
I'm taking all I can get! I never thought giving birth to a little boy means also giving birth to the love of mud, sticks, rocks, wheels, sports, tools, and chocolate. (Although, I did hope for the chocolate...) I guess I thought these things were taught. 
It's just funny, if you take time sit back and breathe a second, sometimes you realize everything is exactly the way it's supposed to be. We needed that Brady Jameson more than he needs us.
God knew, exactly. 

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