Thursday, March 15, 2012

Appreciating Time.

Sticks in my pocket. 

Today was started earlier than usual, and brought quite a few smiles to our faces.

        On the days I spend with Brady, I wish I could say every one of them is picture perfect. But lets be honest here...  Today just happened to be one to blog about. Yes, it's another post about how much I love my son. I know no one will ever fall for him like I have, but I enjoy him so much, I feel the need to share how he's made us one truly happy family.
      Today wasn't anything out of the ordinary, other than my first storage auction with my in-laws! And they're's just like the show. Brady and I ran errands, like every Thursday... but we enjoyed lunch together on the front porch. The weather was incredible, the birds were singing. It was perfect. Brady ate only his goldfish snacks, though, which resulted in me making lunch...twice
      Dragging every toy out to the front yard to play was WORTH IT. He was so happy. Of course, he'd choose to sleep outside if he could, he was in his happy place! He learned how to open the gate for the dogs to run out, and how to swing the bat to hit the baseball! All the boy stuff that makes you smile because you're dirty, ya know.
      Life right now is wild. We have so many projects going on around our house... Oh my goodness. Brian is full speed with his job, and I'm trying to keep this house tidy, all while working, and making future plans for work. Too many things going on at once. Focusing on what's most important is keeping me sane at this point. Playing with sticks will always win the battle over stressing over a chore.
      I watched Brady closely today as he was playing with each toy, making truck noises and throwing sticks. Yes, he's growing up. Before our eyes. But I'm not sad about it because...
   He kisses my hand.
He pulls my face to his to kiss. 
He cries when he realizes I'm leaving.
He SCREAMS for joy when I return!
Today he was whispering "Mama" to himself in the car. 
He sneaks up behind me and I feel these little arms wrap around my legs, while he hugs them tight. 
 This phase, I can deal with JUST fine!

     I've learned to appreciate each little moment I can enjoy with him. When he brings me a book to read, we sit. We make the time. Every day, he reminds me of how much our lives have changed over the past few years. In the most wonderful way possible. Life is good. Wild, fast-paced, and ever-changing... but with this kiddo by our sides, we don't mind a bit. 

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  1. This is SO precious! You sure are a lucky girl! Sweet little Brady is NOT helping my baby fever! ;)


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