Sunday, March 18, 2012

Swamp Rabbit Trail.

Dad convinced me that riding from Falls Park downtown Greenville to Main Street Travelers Rest wasn't a bad ride at all! So we borrowed our neighbors bike for Brady (Thank you to the Barajas!), we packed a bag, and we took off. At first, we met drizzle and chill, so Brady J cuddled in my sweatshirt :) Once we made it to our destination, we ate a delicious lunch at a Hardware Store turned Cafe. (What a fun place!)  Dad mentioned something I HAD to try. It was Apple and Gorgonzola Slaw. And it was incredible. After lunch, we jumped on our bikes to head back towards Greenville where we found Mr. Sunshine and a little suntan.  I'm not sure exactly how many miles we rode, although my legs know for sure. We enjoyed our day so much, and hope to go again very soon! It was great company, much needed exercise, sunshine, delicious food, and an all around pretty awesome Saturday.
I'm grateful we live in such a nice area. Especially with spring and summer upon us, we have no excuses for boredom! This child loves the outdoors, and I plan to give him just that. 
He has SO many adventures ahead!!!!

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