Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rainy Day Love.

   I've always loved rainy days, really because they seem to make everything cozier. Today was an extra special rainy day because it was Brady's first time outside IN the rain. I've come to realize that no matter the temperature, precipitation, or has no effect on his love for the outdoors. A mother couldn't be more proud!!! I have so many adventures in mind for Brady to experience. My memories of camping trips, hikes, and days spent by the pool are the most special to me. Time spent outdoors are memories never forgotten. Brady will have MANY adventurous days like I enjoyed as a child!

     While Brady was trying to figure swinging a bat to hit the baseball, I was at the mailbox seeing what was sent our way. To my surprise, there was something with my name on it (and it wasn't a bill!). It was from my best childhood friend Megan Wilson... Talk about making my day. Those are some camping trip stories! She sent me a card saying she was thinking about me. Nothing beats hearing from an old friend! Needless to say, I am a very happy girl. Thank you Megan for not letting time get the best of us!

    Tomorrow is Friday, which means I get to share my day with some great people! (My clients do WAY more for me than they know...) Which also means, we're one day closer to Saturday. 
Another adventure.

-Passions are what drive humans to be happy. If you grow up watching television and playing video games all your life, you'll end up in spectator mode. As a result, life will become an endless quest for the next entertaining thing to consume.
Instead, teach your child the beauty of creation. There, lies the drive for life.-

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  1. Too sweet for words, hold on tight to these most prescious moments...adorable~


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