Friday, April 26, 2013

Feelings from a Wife & Mother.

This season has been such a tease switching from hot to cold in a matter of hours.
 It's a gorgeous Friday afternoon, but I hear tomorrow is supposed to be a dreary one. A little downtime never hurt anyone. Life lately has been flying but with the help of our family with the kiddos, we enjoyed an entire weekend getaway to the beach with friends! 
I knew it could go two ways. We'd sleep our weekend away playing catch up away from the energy of Brady J, or we'd go crazy like old times and stay out until the wee hours having the time of our lives. Somehow we managed to find a median amongst our options and settled with having a such good laugh session that the tears were flowing and enjoying just the right amount of crazy before heading home.
Those times are the best. 
Oh, and we ate like piggies all weekend of course.
Crab legs, fried shrimp, and a little dab of everything else you might think of.

Coming home is always wonderful no matter how much fun the weekend held.
Brady lately seems to have grown up before our eyes and Marcy Lane, too.
She's four months old today!
Brady J has been such a hoot saying the most unpredictable things lately.
I was laying in bed with him last night and was almost asleep when he ran his fingers through my hair and said "Like ya hair, mama." He's brought me two flowers today (along with two for Marcy) and proven he's going to be nothing less than a heart breaker. He might be way more than a handful, but the boy knows how it all works. He makes it up to me by picking flowers and holding my hand and telling me I'm pretty. 
He's alright.

As for my little darlin', she's just too sweet for words. She smiles at her brother. Loves to be held. And she's giggled for the first time this week. She loves to watch me make ridiculous faces and sounds, but I love to hear her giggle, so I'll do whatever it takes. And still...she's in love with her daddy. When he's around, not only does he melt when she smiles, she saves her biggest smiles for him.
 It's really just a dream come true, my life. It's so simple. We're nothing fancy, nothing too uncommon either, but we're a close family- 
We love each other unconditionally and that makes everything just right.
She's so content outside. I love that.

We wrestled him for his summer haircut...and won!

Brady and I grabbed our potting soil, plants, and a pitcher of water. 
I showed him how to water the plants so that they're happy.
While I turned my back for only a minute, Brady was drowning our plants with water, yelling "HAPPY!!!"

Brought him back a surprise from the beach. We're finding them everywhere.

I'm slowly realizing that two little ones in every single way is (obviously) double the work, which makes me even more of a homebody. We usually leave home only when need be and I'm cooking almost every night. It's something I think about often, and I believe when I look back one day and remember my children as babies, I could never regret spending all the time I could with them.
 Of course the hard days come and go, 
but this is my most important job. 
My family is everything to me and I have to treat it as the blessing it is. 
When we're blessed tremendously, given something out of our own power to create ourselves, really what else can we do but give all of ourselves back as a grateful gesture. 

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