Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Day In The Fort.

As happy as the child is soaking up the sun, his little allergies took over and sent him inside for the day. The pollen. It's a no good word that resulted in "the best day ever" by playing in a fort made with sheets, chairs, and a few hair clips thrown in the mix to help hold it together. 
What did you expect?  
So we've taken our allergy medicine, found popsicles and chocolate chip cookies to eat, dumped our hundred cars onto the floor, strung lights in our fort, quoted Shel Silverstein with Aunt Ellie, and now, the boy is sound asleep. It's been a calm and lovely day in the often chaotic mind of a mom. I've set aside laundry and dishes and picking up after my little hurricane to make a sweet memory. As for my little darlin', she's just an angel all the way around. She's started to babble and she's drooling like a mad woman. She (like Brady J) is more than an answered prayer. 
And her eyes are like her daddy's. 
Marcy Lane & Brady J.

When life slows down a little, fantastic things can happen.
Like races between dump trucks and race cars.
And learning to dunk cookies in milk.

Never in my wildest dreams could you tell me I'd one day laugh about ketchup being spilled on a pillowcase or make a mess myself and leave it. Every little hilarious word that comes out of his mouth is like a reminder that God has such a huge plan filled with blessings for my life as a mom. I mean, I'm not out changing the world, and this isn't an extraordinarily different story than you've ever heard...

But I watch the sunset everyday. He's there. And He's given us a home filled with love and a book to go by. He's given us two miracles with the strength, patience and capability to raise them to one day begin families of their own. 
And He's given us special days together in homemade forts.

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