Saturday, June 30, 2012


        First, I must start off by reminding you all that everyone has a unique opinion, in which they are completely entitled to share...if you're interested in mine, please read on. If not, you haven't hurt my feelings at all.
  No one is perfect, life is one huge learning experience, day after day. 

      To me, morals are the rules you've set for yourself (or your family). Rules between right and wrong.
Where no gray area has appeared, only where black and white sets the standard. To some, this may have all to do with your faith, and to others, it may not. In my opinion,
right is right and wrong is wrong.
   Now, I have no intentions in making this a serious and heavy post, because as you see the picture above, we can't take life too seriously around our house. We believe in a fun and happy environment for ourselves and the little ones. Life is just too short! 
But, when you become a parent especially, responsibility and integrity in every action you make becomes crucial.
Whether it's true or not, even at the age of 18 months, I've told myself time after time that Brady is picking up our habits, he's growing to understand our actions, and I would be extremely embarrassed to ever find out Brady grew to be ashamed of something I've done. Now, we all have things we're regretful of in our past. I have plenty, I hate to say, but I'm thankful for those things that brought great lessons.
To Brian and myself, our marriage and our children are the most important blessings we must protect and nurture in the best way we know how.
This means those daily decisions on right and wrong and how they may affect our relationships. Whether our marriage - where love and respect take lead. Where wandering eyes should stay focused on the husband or wife God has placed in our lives. 
Or with our children - where responsibility in our actions will reflect on their upbringing, whether we like it or not! 

The hardest thing about having a family is the gigantic responsibility to make the best decisions God's given you the knowledge to do. This means not making excuses for why something isn't that bad. If you're scrambling for reasons why it's's probably not alright

No marriage is perfect, no family is perfect, but there is a distinct difference between right and wrong. It's not always fun (I'll be the first to tell you.) But it's right & it brings no regret. 
And you can stand proud of the way you and your family live. 

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