Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Before and After, and Lessons in Between.



Even a back yard miracle was trying on me, and I didn't do one ounce of the physical labor.
The dirt however, accumulated in every crack and crevice in our house, and settled for 3 months.
Seems simple, a boring before, and a miraculous after...

but there were lots and lots of bumps along the way...

Like a neighborhood roll call to move the dog house...
(Thank you Daniel, Jake, Kyle, Andrew, Brett, John, and the nice guy who we've never met before...
You guys are the best.)

And a dirt playground.
Only three t-shirts were ruined by mud and I can live with that.


-Brian Cox knew what he wanted, and made it happen. 
(I admire that, totally.)
- To build our dream home one day...I trust Brian to make 98% of all decisions. 
-Brady loves dirt.
-I hate it.
-There's nothing more heart-warming than seeing your husband stand back, proud of his work, and your baby run wild through sprinklers with a grin on his face.

With all of this said, and more photos to come, our home will probably be up for sale in no time, and we'll have two crazy children running around, trying to build a bigger house, and losing our minds all together.

*CHEERS* to a fun summer ahead. You can catch us playing, tanning, cooking out, building a fire, (making s'mores YAY!) and hopefully soon watching a game or two out here...
Come join!!!


  1. SO jealous! It looks amazing! Can you guys come do ours now? In need of some major help with our landscaping and have no idea where to start.

  2. God blesses in more ways that just giving us His Son. He doesn't stop there! I am proud for you, though we have never met. I went to school with Cindy. She is a wonderful mother and in-law, of that I can be sure. I have watched your son grow, let me say, he is a doll.


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