Saturday, June 9, 2012

Funny Things about Life and Growing Up.

Family Life.
Without boring all you folks without children, this post will either scare you to death or give you something to look forward to...
Read on, friends.

BEFORE Children:
-Last Minute Plans for Drinks out with Friends.
-Designer Sunglasses.
-Designer Bags.
-InStyle was secondary to the Bible.
-Never knowing the true meaning to a "clean house."
-Spa Days.
-Stress (HA!)
-Diet, Diet, Diet.
-Shopping for new clothes, about... three times a week.
-Our dogs were our children.
-My idea of a good meal was delivered pizza & any mixed drink.

AFTER Children:
-Plans with Friends must happen atleast a week in advance,
so that looking forward to a night out is half the fun.
-You'll do anything to fix the broken pair of $4.99 sunglasses.
-Switching out bags from your closet is like Christmas.
-The last time you opened a magazine, you didn't have kids.
-A routine to clean your house is made without effort. And your become your mother.
-Your definition of a Spa Day is taking 15 minutes before bed to polish your toes.
-Stress? No time for it.
-A diet means eating a salad once a week, and walking a mile on the treadmill...once a week.
-New clothes are ordered off the internet because that takes less effort than dragging your poor little boy on an eternal shopping trip that he'll remember forever. And likely hate you for it.
-Your neighbor rings your doorbell to let you know your dogs are playing in the street.
-Starbucks is a lifesaver and pizza is still a necessity.

And the bottom line to this ridiculous but true comparison to life before and after baby:
-The beauty of life and family becomes so clear. 
-The search for happiness in life through THINGS is over.
-Hearing him scream "Mama!" when he hugs your neck so unlike anything I've ever experienced.

The truth is, we definitely long for days out on the boat with friends, last minute trips to the beach,
late nights out with the choice to sleep in...but every lifestyle has its give-and-takes.
And at the very least: Life is learning, and certainly something to laugh at.

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