Saturday, May 19, 2012

The New Place.

I've only been meaning to blog about the new salon for almost a month now.
Business is amazing, clients have followed easily, and new clients are booking appointments every week. I still can't decide if an updo or color is my favorite... my very favorite thing is when a client is sitting in the chair and says "Just do whatever you want to do, I trust you." That, my friends, is fun. These are recent pictures of a few new colors, cuts and updos I've done. I have to thank everyone who sits in my chair for being a little daring and very trusting. You make my job so enjoyable, and keep my creativity flowing...

And the biggest "Thank You" goes straight to my wonderful mother and father-in-law who made this move so easy and breezy. (And possible, for that matter.) The best part of it all is Brady J. is always near while I work! He comes to visit and maybe to flirt a little with the pretty ladies, and always gets a hug and kiss in return. He's loving the new set up almost as much as I am.

By the way, any clever new names for this salon, I'll take! 
She needs a name, folks!

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