Wednesday, April 11, 2012


          Lately, surrounded by the beauty of spring, and the busy days of life, I've slowly let go of the thing that makes me most happy. 

      Many wonderful things have been happening these last few weeks, but the most is what happened last night. Only a wife and a mother could value this and treasure it quite like I do... Want to guess? A clean house. And by no means do I mean spotless. I mean those unnoticeable things that your stress level can pick up, but your eyes can't quite see clearly. A pile here. Stack of papers there. You know, clutter.
How does it really get there??
Probably when I'm on Facebook or Pinterest, lets be honest.

     Clutter to me is being BUSY. Clutter means having more than what you use, or what you can handle. Clutter is stressful on every level and what better season than now to rid of all clutter???

   I read a post on a website (because I have nothing else to be doing...) from a mother saying how much our children NEED us. How social networks have taken over our lives, and just how we've let it. How we mothers feel the need to become the perfect person who can cook, clean, organize, play, and look fabulous all at once. Let me tell you, succeed at two from that list, and you'll be doing well. It's impossible to do everything and keep your sanity. Not only are these things dulling us when we don't see June Cleaver staring back in the mirror, they're bad for our children because we're telling ourselves we're not enough. Something humbling like that just hurts.

After all of that said...
this is a no-brainer. 
For a week, (I can hear dad laughing now.)
I'm letting go of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest... 

And during this week, I plan to:
Cook for my family
Read my books.

I miss simplicity. I've overwhelmed myself accidentally, and thankfully but ironically, someone on a website sort of changed my outlook on being the "perfect" mother.

Really, when I look back, I remember days when mom packed a picnic for the three of us to share in the backyard. I remember helping her hang clothes on the line, and I remember everything mom cooked was amazing. As a child, all I knew about mom was that she was perfect
And that's what I want Brady to remember about his childhood.

So hear me say "bye bye" to technology for a bit.
 I doubt I'll miss it, or feel it necessary to jump back in the chaos.

And "hello" to making use of my time for my family.
Simple as that. 


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