Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rain or Shine.

Rain Or Shine, we're bringing spring to our home.

This weekend has been so unusual. Brady spent his weekend with his grandparents and great grandparents miles away. We had the weekend to ourselves, which meant two nights in a row we enjoyed out.
It was wonderful to catch up with friends, because we rarely get such an opportunity to have the whole crew together. Happy Birthday to Andrew! AND, I was thankful to catch some pretty sweet pictures of Carley and Andrew together.

Then after we settled down and realized we didn't have the little one for another full day...we both agreed it was makeover time. Spring will be here soon, and what would spring be without new projects?! So there we go, out in the rainy cold to collect ideas to brighten our home.

Here are the new living room colors I've chosen for now. The Fall Leaf color may be a little bright, but everything else I've found is too muted. Grandma's Linen will be our wall color. Accents will be with the Fall Leaf. I have one Lamp I'm spraying with the creamy color, with Gold Accents. A rug, we have to find, and a coffee day. 
I've put our SPRING wreath on the front door (I know it's way too early). And we have bronze planters ready for greenery. I've got the fever something terrible. We have plans for the deck to be started soon, which will be like a dream come true to enjoy our time outside on a comfortable deck!
Before and after pictures are to come, because by the looks of our Lowe's visits...there will be plenty. 
Wish us luck with bathroom demolition happening now with a new countertop, sink & tile floors to come!

((What are we THINKING))

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