Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little Family Blessings.

The weekend disappeared before I even recognized it was here.
Saturday was spent with mom and Brady J around town.
And today...I woke up not feeling too well. 
Feeling terrible, honestly. 
But without whining, I'm sure I'll be feeling much better soon enough.

If it wasn't for my entire family, 
well, I just don't know. 
I'm not alone in this journey in raising Brady J, that's for sure. 
Brady was greeted this morning by his grandparents with balloons and breakfast,
and he spent his day playing by the lake with his Honey.
He's been running around the house in a diaper with half a haircut, because sitting still was no option.
And for these little blessings, I'm so grateful.

Last night, I talked to my sister on the phone.
She listened to my story, and gave encouragement in return.
 I admire everything about her.
And I really do miss her.

So, where did the weekend go... 
that's just what happens when we don't stop to smell the roses!
That's life, sometimes.

I'll be trying my best to not rush the week, and to enjoy all the little blessings that come our way.
I wish the same blessed week to you and your family.
Let's all try and slow things down a bit, how about that?

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