Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Breath Of Fresh Air.

Every year, most of us make at least one resolution to better ourselves for the new year to come. Maybe eating better, making the gym a routine, saving money... And these all might last a month if we're motivated enough! I know these things are important, but if we dont have them down by now, well...

In 2011, I lost 40 lbs after the baby, I've practiced a cleaning and organizing routine day by day since September, and I successfully cut back my hours at work. I'm spending most Saturday's with my family, now. Every single thing I'm proud to have accomplished in this year is all because of Brady Jameson.
Every day, I think of my blessings, but lately I've been thinking of a little more. With Christmas just passing, receiving gift after gift after gift really made me think... when will it end? I've got everything I could ever want. Things are things, and in the end, who remembers the things?

 This is my Big New Years resolution just for myself. My gift to me. This year, I'm going to actually BE thankful for everything I have. I had a great conversation with a special client about her visit to another country and seeing how the people have next to nothing. I've seen it for myself. These people are happy and truly thankful. That's what we need. We need simplicity, and a grateful heart. This is my resolution for myself. What I feel like is long overdue. I've got all I need. And that's all that matters to me. So my resolution does somewhat revolve around money and time. I plan to spend both very wisely in the year ahead. I want most to focus on what really and truly matters.

    2012 will be a wonderful year. Here are a few things I can't wait to do...

Picking back up my love for thrift stores, I've found many treasures this way.
Riding bikes with mom, dad & Ellie.
Picnics with Brady (maybe he'll pick another flower for me).
A date night or two with Brian.
Playing between houses with the neighbors in the summertime.
Saturdays spent with the boys.
Learning more about cooking.
Many trips to the library.
Cutting my hair.
Making memories we'll never forget.

Happy New Year to you all!!
 "If you want to be happy, be." L.T.

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