Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life Lately.

A night out to a concert & my first painting. I didn't follow the directions at all.
The painting was originally yellow and stippled. With small birds. With Straight Lines.
I think directions are for the birds. 

   It's been quite a while since I've blogged. We've been in hibernating mode. January is the time where it's too cold to enjoy the sunshine, comfort food (lots, may I add) finds its way into our tummy, and work, and home are the only two places we seem to find ourselves. This week, our house has been in shambles, which has completely tested my patience. And got the best of me. We've replaced our windows and we're finally finished. Not to rest...OH, no. It would only be time to start another project. This one is definitely a fun one. We're completely making over our living room. With paint. Probably a few new accessories (definitely) but everything will be changed with paint. It's exciting, challenging, and...just plain exciting. Change is always welcome this way.
     Brady has been wild, as always! He has four bright white teeth now. He's running. He calls Lilly a "ga ga".. (good girl) and isn't afraid at all of Diesel. He loves all over you, which is the most heart-melting thing a little boy can do to his mommy. Today I told him "Please love me forever, Brady." And tears came to my eyes when he grabbed my face...with his mouth wide open to give me a kiss. Kissed all OVER my face. I'm wrapped. This boy has my heart like you wouldn't believe.

    That's life lately, folks. I promise to blog more frequently. Updates on the project of the week.
Updates on the little heart-melter, of course, and all these wild days we share together.
Bundle up, it's COLD out there!!!

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  1. absolutly the sweetest family I have ever known~
    love you all, tons and tons!


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